Haugaard: Wisdom and experience needed

Steve Haugaard

I appreciated the Legislative Candidate forum recently sponsored by the Brandon Valley Journal and the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. The public had the opportunity to hear what principles seem to drive the candidates’ decisions.  

I am thankful that John Sjaarda not only explains his view of limited government, good schools, and support of the rights of landowners and all citizens, but he is also well-informed and clearly speaks on behalf of the citizens and consistently votes with his principles. That is what his voting record shows.

Dave Kull likewise capably expresses his principles and has the life and work experience to represent the Brandon/Valley Springs/East Sioux Falls citizens. Dave understands that one of the primary functions of state government is to protect the safety and well-being of the citizens. He has the wisdom needed to serve on legislative committees and to analyze the information that guides those essential votes. He does a great job using his experience in Pierre.

Jake Schoenbeck is seeking to replace one of those current Representatives. However, he wasn’t familiar with some of the most significant issues facing our state. Instead, he advocated for recreational marijuana without considering how that would affect our children. He wasn’t aware of the ramifications and simply focused on the possibility that the state could gain some revenue. (In regard to the budget, the real question should always be “Where can we reduce spending?”) The experience of states that have legalized recreational marijuana is that revenue is quickly lost in the costs associated with the traffic fatalities, addiction treatment, increase in mental health issues, incarceration for other crimes, lost child support, loss of productivity, bankruptcy, and the loss of purpose in life.  

A candidate can speak in platitudes and say what he thinks voters might want to hear, but what is really needed is wisdom and experience. The current Representatives, John Sjaarda and David Kull, are the best choices to serve District 2.  

Steve Haugaard

Former Speaker of the House and former District Representative.



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