Brandon teens start business aimed at getting kids outside

Keeley Meier, staff writer

Keeley Meier/BV Journal 

Owen Van Es (left) and Jameson Kreutzfeldt started Let’s Go BV to get kids outside.

There is something to be said about positive role models. 

And, Jameson Kreutzfeldt and Owen Van Es certainly fit the bill. 

The two are Brandon Valley High School students who just finished their sophomore years and recently launched Let’s Go BV—a program dedicated to getting younger kids outside and moving this summer.

“Each day of the week we’re at a different location—different parks around Brandon,” Kreutzfeldt said. “We do activities with the kids; we ask them what sports they play or what they like to do, and we try to do as many activities as we can that are available to us at the park.”

The idea for the program came from Van Es, who says he’s always wanted to own his own business.

“I was talking to my mom about some good ideas, and I really like working with kids,” Van Es said. “So, I was thinking that maybe I could do something with kids but just in the Brandon area for now.”

“Within the last two months, I had ideas for just me working with kids,” Van Es continued. “But then I brought in my best friend, Jameson, and I was like, ‘He’d be a great person to work with.’”

The ideas multiplied from there and, soon, with the help of Kreutzfeldt’s dad, they had a website up and running. 

June 1 was the boys’ first official day of business, and Amanda Christopherson—owner of Beautique—was one of their first customers.

Christopherson says she found out about Let’s Go BV through a Brandon area moms’ Facebook group she’s registered with and felt it would be the perfect opportunity for her to coordinate playdates for her son, Micah, and his friend, Coe Melcher.

The boys’ first experience with Kreutzfeldt and Van Es was a huge hit.

“Micah had so much fun,” Christopherson said. “He said, ‘Next time we need to stay longer; an hour wasn’t enough.’ They played hide-and-seek, baseball, soccer and anything else they wanted to do!”

Despite just starting out, Kreutzfeldt and Van Es say they have around a dozen kids already signed up. The boys offer one-hour time slots, which are available from noon to 4:45 p.m. on weekdays, but parents can choose to book multiple slots in a row. They also allow two to six kids per time slot, so friends can sign up together.

While Let’s Go BV is open to first through seventh graders, the boys say that, so far, it’s been mainly younger kids.

“I think with younger kids, you have to put it in perspective that, for moms, it can be harder to run errands or go do something with younger children since they need more [attention] and they’re always antsy,” Van Es said. 

Kreutzfeldt and Van Es provide the kids with plenty of attention in the form of basketball, football, baseball and anything in between.

“Anything to get them moving, really,” Kreutzfeldt said. 

Kreutzfeldt, who plays basketball and competes in track and field, and Van Es, who plays basketball and soccer, understand the importance of exercise.

One of the boys’ main goals is to lessen screen time for local kids during the summer and focus on getting them outside.

“We’re not saying that screens are bad, but you can still be healthy—clear your mind, get some exercise and then go throughout your day,” Van Es said. “I think, if you have kids and you want to run errands or you have something else or your kid is just sitting in front of the TV playing Xbox all day, bring them right to us, and we’ll fix that for you.”

Kreutzfeldt and Van Es, who say they have been best friends “forever,” also have babysitting experience, first-aid training and plenty of references to put in a good word for them. 

“Jameson and Owen are two of the most polite young men I’ve ever met,” Christopherson said. “Once I met them I felt 100 percent comfortable leaving my son with them. They were naturals with the kids and really seemed like they were having just as much fun as Micah and Coe were. Their fee should honestly be at least double for how involved they were at this play date.”

As for Let’s Go BV, the boys say it’s another way they can continue their passion for working with kids. 

“It’s important to me because I want to be a role model and someone that kids can look up to,” Kreutzfeldt said.

“I want to be a good role model and an inspiration to kids—if they have a dream, obviously go chase it, but another aspect is that we’re from a smaller town, but you can be something from anywhere,” Van Es said. “You can do anything.”

Let’s Go BV will wrap up around the beginning of August so the boys’ can prepare for their return to school, but if all goes well, they say they “for sure” want to continue the program next summer.

More information on Kreutzfeldt and Van Es and their program can be found at

The best friends say they’re excited to see how Let’s Go BV grows and the impact it’s already having.

“I think my favorite part is definitely the expressions on the kids’ faces,” Kreutzfeldt said. “They’re having so much fun, and it just makes me happy to see that they’re enjoying the time with us.”





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