Sups on: Adults: Connect, engage, discuss

Superintendant, Dr. Jarod Larson

Adult engagement and involvement in a child’s education are critical for their success. Research demonstrates that students with an engaged adult in their education perform better academically, have fewer behavioral issues at school, and have much higher graduation rates. Parent Teacher Conferences in the Brandon Valley School District will be held on the following dates:

Monday, Oct. 2 - Elementary Buildings / Brandon Valley High School 

Tuesday, Oct. 3 – Brandon Valley Intermediate School / Middle School

We strongly encourage all parents and guardians to participate in conferences and be actively engaged in your child’s education. We would like to challenge you to: Connect - Engage - Discuss.

Connect with your child’s teacher(s) at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Engage with your child in conversation about what they are learning in class.

Discuss what was shared in the conference with your child. 

Meaningful engagement has the power to propel a child to new levels of academic success. Additional participation strategies engaged adults can utilize to create a home environment that encourages learning may include:

• Inquire daily about your child’s school day

• Assist your child with homework

• Discuss books or read together

No matter the strategies utilized, communicating the importance of an education to our children is essential. Together, we promote an outstanding educational experience for our kids.

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