Supe's On: BVIS puts community service on full display

Dr. Jarod Larson, Superintendent of Brandon Valley School District

It is essential for young individuals to recognize the significance of community service and actively engage in efforts that benefit our community. At Brandon Valley Intermediate School (BVIS), the importance of community service is promoted through participation in service projects. Recently, BVIS students took part in the “Rake the Town” event organized by the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. Our students demonstrated their commitment to giving back but also highlighted the importance of developing actively involved citizens within our community.

The enthusiastic response from BVIS students to participate in “Rake the Town” was inspiring. This past cool, rainy Friday didn’t stop a dedicated group of students and staff from volunteering their time and effort. Armed with rakes, gloves, and a strong Lynx spirit, they set out to assist individuals in the community. From elderly residents to individuals with disabilities, our students’ efforts supported those in need of yardwork assistance.

Engaging in community service activities offers tremendous benefits to both the recipients and the volunteers themselves. By participating in events such as “Rake the Town,” BVIS students gain firsthand experience in empathy, kindness, and teamwork. It allows them to develop a sense of responsibility and social awareness. Through these experiences, students cultivate a deep understanding of the challenges faced by various members of the community and contribute to making a positive impact. Further, we recognize the importance of nurturing socially responsible individuals who actively contribute to society. While engaging in events like “Rake the Town,” students develop a sense of belonging and civic pride.

The participation of BVIS students in the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce event “Rake the Town” not only showcased their dedication to service but also emphasized the significance of building actively involved citizens. Together, we continue to develop and build our community through service.

Go Lynx!



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