From the Pulpit:The Lynx Way

Father Andrew Young, Risen Savior

Growing up a Mitchell Kernel, studying at the Naval Academy as a Midshipmen and then entering into the military services to serve as a Marine, I understand all about mascots and titles. Most of us do. Although, I’m still not certain how Mitchell’s mascot, Cornelius the smiling corn cob, would really scare any opposing team.  I guess the same could be said for the Naval Academy mascot, Bill the Goat, with painted blue and gold horns.  One of the biggest tragedies of my four years at college was the death of Bill before one of the away football games. The “Bill the Goat” handlers decided to just lay him in the hay and tell the visitors he was just having a long nap. Mascots and team names mean something but also can portray something very powerful.

When I first arrived at Risen Savior Catholic Church in Brandon, I was told that I am now a Lynx! I thought, finally, a mascot that has a little fire behind it! I think one of the first spirit gear shirts I was given was a shirt that said “BV – The Lynx Way.” I must confess now my entire closet is full of spirit gear, which covers about every season, but The Lynx Way is probably the one you will see me in most. As I drove around Brandon in those first few months, I began to recognize that same slogan – The Lynx Way – on grade school buildings, on other T-shirts and on banners. It just seemed to pop up here and there. It took me a while, I’m a slow learner, to realize what The Lynx Way actually is. I guess I didn’t read the small print. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be that important but I figured the slogan must mean something about how we treat one another or how we care for our community. Words are one thing, but was it being lived?  

In my initial experiences at different school activities like the first football game between Brandon Valley and O’Gorman when the teams joined at the end of the game to pray together for our beloved Coach Garrow and a young man who was injured in a vehicle accident from O’Gorman, I was inspired. This must be The Lynx Way z– prayer. Or maybe it has been watching the huge participation in the “Best Buddies” program at the high school. This must be The Lynx Way – love of neighbor. Or the “end of Covid” Special Olympics where the entire football stands were packed while cheering on our Special Olympics athletes. This must be The Lynx Way – encouragement. I only just this week read the small print: The Lynx Way focuses on five areas.  Be respectful. Be kind.  Be responsible. Be safe. Be active learners. Isn’t it crazy that is what I have actually experienced in our community!

But like any reality, there is probably more that we can do. I often ask myself who Jesus would welcome to His dinner table, offer a ride to the store or pick up the receipt on a bag of groceries from Sunshine. I’d bet that there is at least one, but probably more, of our students that attends our schools who wishes they had just one more friend, a real friend, not one that we only have on social media. Or I bet there is at least one elderly person living alone who would love an extra visitor that just shows up during the week to share a cup of coffee or a friendly hello. I am thankful to be part of a community that has a way - The Lynx Way - something that challenges us to BE better each day.



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