McPherson: ‘Politics is all about scorecards’

Larry McPherson

I attended the (District 2 House of Representatives) Candidate Forum last evening and asked the question regarding further explanation of the Greater Sioux Falls C of C legislative scorecard. I’ve attached the scorecard in case you have not reviewed it. As you will see, the legislative scores were based on 18 bills that were considered by the entirety of each legislative body. Recorded votes correspond to the final form of each bill that was considered by each legislative body and the Chamber’s position on the final form of that piece of legislation.  

I was somewhat surprised how quickly the value of scorecards were dismissed by the candidates. I guess if 18 passed/signed bills that cover several topics that were discussed last night as “cherry picking” topics then so be it. Donating money to a campaign is a very visible scorecard. Each candidate has campaign materials that list people who support their candidacy – sounds like a scorecard to me. When they count the votes in November, we will have another scorecard. So I guess at the end of the day, politics is all about scorecards!!

Larry McPherson



*Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce scorecard may be viewed on our website,



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