Jill's Journal: Maybe next year ...

The stage is set for Super Bowl LVIII.

As a Vikings fan, the day is not as “super” as it could be for this gal. But for fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, I imagine they tag it as one of their best days of the year, especially if their team is the team with the most points on the board when the horn sounds.

I watched Sunday’s division playoff games. They were both competitive games and kept my interest from start to finish. That says a lot for a gal who I noted above, is a fan of the “Purple People Eaters.”

As a decades-long Vikings fan, I’m all excited at the start of the season to see what the boys can accomplish. This season, my excitement didn’t last long. With a rotating door of quarterbacks and week after week injuries sustained by key players on the offense, it was an ongoing question of who would be throwing the ball, catching it and running with it.

Ugh. “Maybe next year,” I whisper under my breath, “Maybe next year.” I know the drill all to well.

I have to admit I was cheering for the underdogs in both division title games, and coming out of the gate, the Detroit Lions gave me something to cheer about. Had the game ended at the half, the Lions would be packing their bags for Las Vegas. But as the game-ending score showed, the Lions won’t be updating the team history books with a Super Bowl title – or an appearance. Kudos to Brock Purdy’s smart throwing decisions and ability to pick up yards using his own two feet.

The same could be said for the Ravens. With the fans on their side, Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, went to Baltimore and took care of business.

I haven’t decided just yet which team in red that I’ll be rooting for, but in the meantime, this girl can only hope that “maybe next year’s” Super Bowl will feature a team my favored purple and gold.


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