Jill's Journal: Happy 60th (EEEKKK) birthday, to me ...

Ever since the calendar turned to 2023 back in January, there was one specific date out of the entire calendar year that has been front and center in my mind: My birthday.

This one, however, isn’t just any birthday – it’s my sixth decade on this planet – and I’m trying to figure just how and why it came so quick. I mean, after all, in my mind I’m way, way, way younger than that. But on any given day, my body tells a completely different story. (Grunt, moan, grunt, moan.)

For those of you who have already hit this milestone birthday – and beyond – I’m guessing you know just what I’m feeling as I step into the big 6-0 for the next 365 days. 

For the most part, birthdays haven’t sent me to a place of gloom and doom. Typically, I’m happy that friends and family remember me on that day with phone calls, texts, Facebook greetings, a card or two in the mailbox, presents (let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a present with their name on it?) and the willingness to toss back a few celebratory cocktails ‘to boot’ (that’s a nod to a recent column written by The Absent Uncle, who by the way, truly is my Uncle Dave).

As I noted earlier, I’m finding it hard to believe that yes, 1963 to 2023 surely adds up to 60 years, and that’s no matter if you’re using “new math,” “old math” or even the calculator on your phone. Sixty my friends is 60, and there’s no sugar-coating it. In fact, one of the few “cover ups” to the milestone is a couple of hours in the chair of my hair stylist, who has the magic potion to keep those gray hairs hidden. (I’m no quitter, and I’m not giving up on that anytime soon.)

I’ve heard rumor that 60 is the new 50. Again, tell that to my aching knees and my right arm that after falling on the ice perhaps one too many times last winter, isn’t as strong as it once was. And although various body parts may creak, click and ache, I think I still have the mind and spirit that is sure to charge me through this next decade of life.

Over the years, mom told me more than once, “Jill, it’s hell to get old.”

She’s also the one who, when she reached 60 herself, told me, “Sixty isn’t that old.”

She repeated that same comment at 70 and again at 80, too.

As they say, “Mother is always right,” and in this case, I guess she was right in both instances.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t feel much different when I wake up Friday morning than I woke up on Thursday morning. I know that I don’t have the ability to turn back time to my 30s, 40s and now the 50s, so what I can do is simply embrace this next chapter of life, and do it with a “young at heart” attitude. 



We’re just days away from Pigskin Classic Saturday, and I want to encourage Lynx fans of all ages to take part in the festivities. There are a plethora of youth-centered events – 3 on 3 basketball, cheer camp and dodge ball, for example – to take part in. There will be new styles of Lynxwear to purchase, a tailgate party compliments of Sioux Valley Energy, exhibition football by the little guys, the excitement of the game ball delivery, an auction for a pig at half-time, performances by the Lady Lynx competition dance team and the Marching Lynx, and of course, anothe exciting week of Lynx football. This week, Brandon Valley hosts Harrisburg, a team that also lost a close one in their firstgame of the season. This one is sure to be a thriller. So, throw on some red and black, pack up the wife and kids, and I’ll see you on the sidelines!



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