The Brandon Valley Journal’s Nov. 22, 2023 report on ‘The day “local live” music died,’ it should have been noted that the Double D Saloon in Brandon has been a live music bar for many years and we will continue to do so as long as the crowds keep showing up. 

“We have heard of a decline in places for bands to perform, (but) we have more bands contacting us this year than we ever have and that is exciting for us,” said Double D Saloon co-owner Jason Albertson. 

Albertson said they have bands signed on from a 150-mile radius scheduled through May 2024.

Double D Saloon has been paying the required music licensing from day one. Albertson said those fees to BMU, SESAC and ASCAP cost about $4,000 annually.

“We do our best to keep a budget because the live entertainment budget adds up very fast. We aren’t a large venue, so logically we can only spend so much on any given day,” he said.

The Journal regrets any confusion the ommittance of this information may have caused.


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