Chaos to Calm: Asking for help is your ticket to self-love

Alesha Berning, Organizing Ninja

Love is in the air this month, and while many are swooning over Valentine’s Day. I find myself going against the norm. Valentine’s Day, to me, feels a bit forced. I’d much prefer receiving flowers on a random day from that special someone. But hey, that’s just my take. Despite my reservations about Valentine’s Day, my celebration takes a different twist. It’s a reminder to check in with ourselves and rediscover a different kind of love – self-love.

There’s a saying that goes. “Your home is a reflection of the person you are.” Let’s ponder on this for a moment. My home is a mix of clean, mostly messy weekdays, and occasionally, it’s a hot mess. Does it reflect who I am? Honestly, it kind of does. Weekdays are a whirlwind of tasks, occasional forgetfulness, and being present in fleeting moments. When life gets chaotic, my house mirrors that chaos. So, in the spirit of self-love, here’s a question for you: “Do you ever ask for help?”

Asking for help, whether it’s at home or handling daily chores, can be a personal struggle. But let’s get real with ourselves. Seeking assistance isn’t a sign of weakness; in fact, it’s often easier and more efficient than going solo. While some may believe that strength lies in doing everything independently, the real strength lies in the willingness to seek help. We turn to God for support, so why not seek help from friends or family for everyday tasks?

Strength isn’t about proving we can handle everything on our own; it’s about recognizing when to ask for help. It’s a time to shine a light on self-love. Perhaps you need a day to rest or read a book. Maybe a friend could pick up the kids, allowing you time for grocery shopping. Or it might be the perfect moment to hire someone to restore order in your home. Whatever self-love looks like for you, rest assured that there are people willing to assist – all you need to do is ask.

When it comes to home organizing, I’m just a phone call away. I can’t wait to help you bring some calm to your chaos. 

Stay tuned on our journey toward finding “Calm in the Chaos.”


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