The Absent Uncle: November 11

D.C. Schultz, guest columnist

It’s Saturday, a day I normally review my submission to this publication. But today, while I had a column ready to go, I was struck by the number of references to this being Veterans Day and needed to recognize this special day.

I am a Veteran (USN 1971-75). I have never seen my service as heroic or even worthy of public attention. And I doubt the other veterans of our family would either: My brother, two brothers-in-law (one of which is your editor’s father), an uncle, and a cousin.

As a family, we don’t have a huge military tradition. I joined in hopes the Navy could show me a career choice, because I didn’t have a clue what to do with my life at that time. The choice I made to join was not about patriotism and serving my country.

But my point today – for whatever reason are varied – we all served. I guess we put ourselves in harm’s way and all survived. Unknowing of the consequences. No long-standing issues or injuries. That alone is something to celebrate when you compare our family to other families that lost so much. 

Veterans Day is really meant to remember and celebrate those who serve, have served and those that lost their lives, the families that lost loved ones, and the sacrifices that were made. And be thankful – to appreciate those that deserve our respect for what they did – stepping into harm’s way – for all of us. Salute!



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