The Absent Uncle: Gardening - Part 2

D.C. Schultz, guest columnist

If you missed last week’s column, here is a quick recap: It’s spring. March Madness. Garden planning. I come from a family of gardeners. 

That was quick. The column is in the archives.

So… I mentioned that I came from a family of gardeners. Accomplished gardeners. Bushel baskets full of bounty of all varieties.

Over the years I have toiled to develop a garden in the backyards of the homes we’ve lived in. The best intentions with every spade of dirt turned over. The planning of what to put where, the purchase of seeds and plants done with the eye on the prize.

It always looks good (in the beginning). Nicely tilled soil (and accompanying hand blisters), straight rows marked with what will be coming up any day, a way to water the garden depending on where we were living, and the hope that this season will be one to remember.

It really starts out good. Organized, watering schedule established, the obligatory hoeing for those pesky first weeds. 

Then something happens; I don’t know what. Maybe it is the lack of immediate payback for the effort. It gets hotter. I get busier. I just don’t know. But suddenly my lush little ‘Garden of Eden’ becomes a whole lot less attractive. My yields don’t have anything to brag about – nothing fresh on the dinner table (maybe occasionally). By the end of the growing season, the dead plants and that freshly tilled soil become a reminder of previous gardens.  

Might have been better to just keep grass in those areas. Mow it and forget about it. 

But I have a plan for this year! We’ll talk in September.



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