The Absent Uncle: That front porch

D.C. Schultz, guest columnist

Back in mid-2018, my wife and I had decided to sell our property and in retirement, move to the Houston area to be closer to our son. Lots of discussion. Lots of “have tos”, “lot’s of wants” in picking out our retirement or maybe last home purchase. 

Our son and his wife were over the moon in our decision and became the real estate researchers. 

We had a budget. We also had a pretty specific list of what we wanted, what was important – and how much we could pay. Oh, that pay thing comes up twice. My mistake. 

So, we travel to the Houston area, the real estate research in full swing. The weekend was full of visiting open houses all priced properly, but each with flaws – nope – this won’t work. 

(I will send out my list of “have tos” upon request.) 

On Sunday afternoon of that September weekend, we were touring. I had no idea where we were, but the turn onto the street was magical. A cul-de-sac with mature trees – quiet – we parked in front of the house – and I felt at home! That is not how to start a disciplined house purchase. 

We all walked in together – the real estate agent so energetic, I, so not listening. The house was beautiful inside. I looked around, and loved it. I knew my son had stretched my budget. I started the process of how can I make this transaction work. It fulfills so many of the “must haves”. 

I had seen enough. I retreated to the front porch. A rocking chair. And thought.

So here I sit on my own rocking chair on that front porch (an apology to you Northerners now sitting inside) enjoying, remembering, and appreciating the beautiful January evening on that front porch five years later.

So fortunate.


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