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Megan Sonsalla, pictured with her husband Royal and daughter Margot, started Love, Storied in 2019.

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One step of creating your personalized wedding website is crafting a story for the ‘about us’ section. For a lot of couples, this process can be painstakingly tricky. How do you tell the story of how you met? What moments should you include? What moments should you leave out?
That’s where Megan (Raposa) Sonsalla comes in. 
Sonsalla, a professional journalist, owns Love, Storied—a writing service dedicated to telling your love story. 
“It’s a journalistic account of how you met and fell in love with your partner,” Sonsalla said. “It’s your own words, as the couple, just put together by someone with years of experience in writing and preserving history.”
Sonsalla, who also owns the news company Sioux Falls Simplified, launched the business in 2019 after offering to write the ‘about us’ section of a wedding website for a friend.
Since then, Sonsalla has told the stories of many couples who want their love preserved on paper. 
“It goes beyond the wedding website,” Sonsalla said. “This is the story you can add to your family album, print it out and frame it, you can save it for your grandkids to read some day.”
Love the write way
After deciding to have their love story told, Sonsalla sits down with the couple—either together or separately—to interview them. Choosing whether to interview together or apart depends on the couple’s preference. Interviewing separately allows for opportunities of surprise within the story, while interviewing together lets couples build off each other, Sonsalla says. 
Then, Sonsalla puts the story together the way she would any other news story. While she goes along, she highlights all of the best quotes from each person. At the end of the process, Sonsalla says she sends a note including the quotes she didn’t use in the story—many times, she says, this is her favorite part. 
Sonsalla then sends the story to the couple for them to review. From there, the couple owns the copyright to the story and are free to use it however they wish. 
The timeline of the writing process is two to three weeks, and couples receive a 400-600 word story. Story packages start at $95. 
Let’s talk about love
Sonsalla says that with practice, she has figured out the best questions to ask couples to make them comfortable and to extract the complete story.
“People have a stock ‘how we met’ story because that’s a question people get a lot, so that’s what I start with to get people loosened up a bit,” Sonsalla said. “As we go, questions get a little bit deeper and a little bit deeper.”
Whether it’s remembering the first moment they saw their partner or the perfectly-planned proposal, Sonsalla allows couples to be real and raw about their stories.
“I ask them to reflect on their relationship and what they’re excited about looking forward to a life with their partner,” Sonsalla said. “Those are the moments where you really find out—when people open up—how articulate and thoughtful and sweet people are when they’re thinking about their future spouse.”
“I usually get goosebumps in every interview I do,” she added.
Love preserved
Love, Storied isn’t just for newly-engaged couples, though. From newlyweds to couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries, Sonsalla can craft any love story.
She says her most cherished love story she’s written to date has been for her grandparents, who have been married for over 50 years. She has also written the love stories of close friends and her sister. 
“You think you know pretty much everything about how they met their partner and what their relationship looks like and then you hear it from them in this format, and it’s so much more meaningful,” Sonsalla said. 
Having your very own love story written may not be something of immediately obvious value, Sonsalla says. However, having a professional writer take an objective look into your relationship and craft a narrative using your own words is incredibly value, she says.
“I think of this as something that will last longer than the wedding and in the scope of wedding things, a relatively small investment,” Sonsalla said. “Just the permanence of it makes a big difference.”
There are a multitude of ways to utilize the written love story—as part of your wedding website, sharing copies for guests to read at the wedding, putting it into booklets or albums. Sonsalla also posts the stories on her website as a way to house them so couples can share the link with families and friends at any time. 
For $15, she also offers personalized wedding or event hashtags, of which she will send couples a list of five to 10 to choose from or get additional ideas from. 
“That was more just my personal love of puns,” Sonsalla said, laughing. “I became the go-to person in my friend group where someone would be like, ‘My friend just got engaged—what should their hashtag be?’”
For those interested in Sonsalla’s service, visit lovestoried.com or check out Love, Storied on Facebook and Instagram. 
“Marriage is long, and at times it can get tricky, so I think when you have this preservation of one of the most in-love times in your life, I just think it’s something you can go back and reread and remember and remind yourself, ‘This is why I’m here; this is what’s good,’” Sonsalla said. “I think it’s one of those keepsakes that people will cherish for years and years to come.”



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