REALLY? Your recipe for feeling great

Dr. P. Myles Dixon, Dixon Chiropractic
Ever notice how committing random—or not-so-random—acts of selflessness fires up the feel-good endorphins that boost our mood? Whether we’re making a meal for an ill friend or volunteering at a homeless shelter, serving others is a great way to impact your community and improve your health. 
When we help others, we’re often physically active. Doing yard work for an elderly neighbor or helping to paint a home will keep you moving—a boost for your physical and mental health. When you serve others, you’ll increase your social skills and become a more effective and confident communicator! Service to others can also help decrease depression. There’s widespread clinical evidence that suggests people with a tendency toward depression can find therapeutic value in helping others. 
These opportunities to give abundant are in every community. Right here in Brandon there is a growing need for food donations, and there is certainly a neighbor or two who could use a hand with keeping up their landscaping or chores. Taking the time to be selfless can reap big health dividends and the priceless reward of knowing you’re making a difference!


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