REALLY? Unleash your dream life

Dr. P. Myles Dixon, Dixon Chiropractic
It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life. There are so many things to get done and all these people who “need” your attention, and if we aren’t careful, we can quickly find that the best years of life were spent either in survival mode or playing to “… anything but lose”. 
When was the last time you identified exactly the kind of life do you want?
I like to use a little pocketbook to help me focus and re-focus on what is important to me in this one life I have to live. There is nothing magical about this booklet. It has a section for goals and another section that lists the various facets of life: physical, spiritual, mental, social, financial, professional and physical well-being. The sole purpose of this booklet is to remind me what I know is perpetually important to me and the action steps I need to take to make my dream life my real life. So, be choosy and clear on the pieces of life that really matter to you and the standards you want to reach. Keep dreaming: life is a journey of discovery and growth, so the best we can do is grow toward something that’s worth the while! 
I find it next to impossible to reach my goals and dreams when my thoughts are focused on how I feel (or don’t feel) and what I have or don’t have. What would life look like if every moment spent focusing on the wrong versions of “what I want” was—instead—re-directed toward small, daily tasks that nudged me ever-so-slightly toward my dream? What could my future look like if—starting now—not one moment is spent in “survival mode” or “getting through the day” but is shifted toward “my relationship with my wife is important” or “building and maintaining our emergency fund is important”?
I can’t emphasize how important it is to identify what you want and actively recall this vision on a daily basis! I love the quote: “It’s a cinch by the inch and hard by the yard.” By taking daily action, you can achieve more then you think. Unleash your dream life!


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