REALLY? Headaches got you on edge?

Dr. P. Myles Dixon, Dixon Chiropractic
You know those headaches that ruin your mood, affect your ability to stay focused on your work, or make you a little less–well, yourself? Every day we have the opportunity to work with people who suffer daily from headaches, and the excitement never loses its luster when someone reports that they have finally found some respite from their “cursed” headaches. They enjoy life to such an extent that they had forgotten was “even possible; not to mention that this is how it’s actually supposed to be”. Headaches that won’t go away with the usual over-the-counter pills or a healthy glass of water often originate from pinched or irritated nerves deep in the upper neck. Once the irritation is relieved from those raw, painful nerves, folks often notice relief in a short time–without the side effects of pills!
Most–if not, many–of us can relate to how difficult it is to stay positive and keep a good mood when a headache arises or is threatening to set in. It drains the energy right out of a person! When the alignment of the neck is compromised, tension is triggered in the muscles at the base of the skull, and–if it continues without intervention–pinching of the nerves in the upper neck begins to cause an “explosion” of reactions in the body. It’s not uncommon for tension headaches (caused by the muscle tension in the back of the skull) to cause “headaches” around the eyes. 
Surprisingly enough, the jaw also plays an intricate role on the head and neck. Lots of folks have jaw problems and don’t even realize it until we begin asking them about it and explain its possible relation to their headaches. Clenching and grinding contribute to jaw trouble–often as a result of “the S word” (stress). Problems with the teeth or other issues in the mouth that alter a person’s bite can also lead to headaches.
A few tips you can try at home to help relieve your headaches. Watch that posture! If you’re on your phone a lot or at a computer, take breaks and stretch out your neck and back. Drink more water and less sugar-loaded drinks. Take some magnesium glycinate tablets. Magnesium helps our muscles to relax, and many people today are deficient in this essential mineral.


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