REALLY? Got stress?

Dr. P. Myles Dixon, Dixon Chiropractic
Got stress?!
OK, stress is clearly a societal norm these days, and quite frankly—in any generation—it’s an inevitable reality of life! By definition: when a person (or thing) is in a state of stress he is presented with a situation that demands that limits (mental, physical, emotional, etc.) are challenged. 
Have you ever seen someone try to tow a vehicle with a rope that isn’t fit for the job? Someone over-estimates the strength of the rope, underestimates how “stuck” the vehicle really is, or both. Not long after the rope is pulled taut (reaching its limit) the pressure grows and the leader pulls harder. The rope may stretch and is challenged to the point of entering its “danger zone.” As the leader pulls even harder and the victim insists on staying put, the rope eventually reaches its limit and snap – always with a recoil and possibly taking out anyone standing too close (or the back window). 
Ever wonder how stress could possibly cause that much damage to the body? Stress causes a cascade of reactions, using hormones to communicate to the body, “It’s go time!” Muscles tense up, blood pressure rises and logical thinking shuts down, because the body is prioritizing survival at this point – just until the stressor is removed and we return to safety. Physiologically, our bodies and brain will function as if we are running from a bear all day/week/year long, if necessary. 
Professionals suggest we make important decisions or have critical conversations only when we are relaxed and removed from the situation. In other words: “When emotions are high, logic is low.” Stress hormones shutdown the logical brain: the pre-frontal cortex. Your pre-frontal cortex helps you relax, rest, heal, digest and think rationally. Prolonged exposure to these hormones leads to an explosion of inflammation within the body, addiction problems, and a whole host of inflammatory and chronic conditions. So many people are suffering with tummy issues because they are locked in “stress mode” and the pre-frontal cortex has been shut down so long that their tummy no longer understands what the body needs it to do. Bottom line: Chronic stress is bad for us on many levels.
Stress may not be avoidable—like getting stuck in the snow—but having the right tools to handle the job will help manage or even eliminate the negative effects! Exercise is a great way to purge your body of stress hormones, relax some tight muscles, and flush out inflammation. Yoga, prayer or meditation are unbeatable strategies for relaxing the body and taking control of your nervous system. Research has also found that chiropractic adjustments actually reset the pre-frontal cortex. 
Consider making exercise, meditation and regular chiropractic check-ups part of your stress-relief strategy. You – and the people around you – will be glad you did! 


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