From the Pulpit: Praying for a life of love, peace and the Lord

Pastor Kirk Strand, Brandon Valley Assembly of God
I just held our first grandchild. What an incredible moment, what a mixed bag of emotions. I jumped from tears to laughter, giggling and smiling. Everything in this crazy world seemed to make sense. And for just a few minutes, we had peace.
Sleeping, nestled up to my cheek was a beautiful little girl. A picture of innocence, with an unlimited future.  
As I held her, I began to pray several things. First, Lord keep her safe. Protect her from all the things that destroy. Watch over her, cover her, and shelter her in the years to come.
Second, surround her with people that give life. Bring across her path those who speak light and grace and truth. Shield her from hate and prejudice.  
And lastly, I asked for a future full of the presence of the Lord. May she always walk in Faith and Hope and Love. Let her never know a day without experiencing the love of family, friends and the Lord.
Today, as I am sitting in front of a computer screen, I hope and pray the same for you. May you be safe and protected. May God bring people into your life that help you grow. And may you continually walk in the love and presence of our Heavenly Father.


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