From the Pulpit: Jesus is the Light of our world

Rev. Elzabeth Pagnotta / Senior Pastor, Brandon/Spirit Rock Lutheran Churches

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” John 1:5

Yesterday, I packed up the Christmas tree and put it away. I imagine most of you put away your Christmas trees and decorations at least a week ago. If the tree has been up since around Thanksgiving, it probably feels like it’s more than time to put things away and move on. 

In the stores, Christmas stuff hit the sales shelf by the 26th, and while I haven’t looked, I imagine the Valentine’s Day décor has made its way out. My favorite Christmas music radio stations have moved on, too. 

While kids have gone back to school and retail stores have moved on, in my corner of the universe, we are still reading our Christmas books and looking at the lights twinkling outside at night. I think I enjoy Christmas more in the days after. The rushing to finishing the “to do” lists is over, and I can just sit and drink my coffee and enjoy the lights of the tree. 

I like to hang on to the light of Christmas as long as I can, because January feels so dark and long. Not only is it physically dark, but also the news is full of real trouble and darkness in our world. 

Today, in what feels very dark, I am resting in God’s promise. Even after I finally put my Christmas lights away, the Light has still come into the darkness. The beginning of the Gospel of John mentions light six times in as many verses, reminding us that Light was in the beginning. It is light that perseveres. 

God’s promise to us is that Light still shines in the darkness and the darkness does not over come it. 

I’m trusting in that promise – and yes, my house will probably have the Christmas lights on through February. 


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