Regular Meeting
November 14, 2018
The regular meeting of East Dakota Educational Cooperative was called to order at 5:02 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at East Dakota Educational Cooperative by President Renee Ullom. Members present were Renee Ullom, Nancy Nelson, and Dennis Husman.  Members absent were Gordon Sweeter.  Members of administration present were Joan Frevik, Lisa Bjorneberg, and Dave Vander Grift.
Motion by Nelson, second by Husman to approve the agenda as amended to include a revenue contract with Alcester-Hudson. Motion carried.
Motion by Husman, second by Nelson to approve the October 14, 2018 board meeting minutes as published.  Motion carried.
President Ullom asked for Conflict of Interest Disclosures. None were presented.
Motion by Nelson, second by Husman to approve the items in the consent agenda. Motion carried.
The consent agenda addressed the following items: October payroll report: $166,726.84 Salaries expense; $11,444.83 FICA/Medicare expense; and $27,118.46 Benefits Expense, for a total payroll of $205,290.13.
November disbursements of $33,167.73, as presented  Abc Automatic Building Control, $54.00, R&M; Advance Payment Account, $75.00, Reg. Fees, $700.00, R&M, $200.00, Non-Tech Supplies, $35.00, Dues; Amazon, $107.48, Non-Tech Supplies, $11.99, Technology Supplies, $671.84, Non-Tech Equip; Anderson Publications, $48.97, Communication; Argus Leader, $93.12, Bagel Boy, $33.26, Non-Tech Supplies; Best Western Ramkota Inn-Aberdeen, $193.98, Travel; Bills Welding, $150.00, R&M; Bjorneberg, Lisa , $308.06, Travel; Bp, $90.34, Motor Fuel; Brandon Valley Media Group, $40.52, Communication; Century Business Products, $687.60, R&M; Centurylink, $167.54, Public Utilities; Coleman, Sheri , $118.60, Travel; Deckert, Taylor , $274.92, Travel; East Dakota Educational Cooperative, $13.21, Dues; East Dakota Foundation, $4,650.00, Rentals; Eastway Bowl, $151.83, Non-Tech Supplies; Edgenuity, $3,600.00, Purchased Services, $4,800.00, Elverud, Renita , $187.91, Travel; Empire Building Construction, $2,500.00, R&M; Estr Publications, $25.00, Non-Tech Supplies; Fallesen, Marissa , $33.39, Travel; Family Services Inc, $320.00, Purchased Services; Hander Plumbing & Heating, $914.74, R&M; Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen, $265.58, Travel; Jackson, Kristy , $72.24, Travel; Jensen, Terri , $111.72, Travel; Lennox School District, $260.00, Reg. Fees, $940.96, Travel; Lewis Drug Stores, $30.00, Magento, $186.39, Non-Tech Supplies; Mccrossan Boy’S Ranch, $19.60, Postage; Menard’S-West, $26.16, Non-Tech Supplies; Meyer, Kathryn , $167.22, Travel; Microsoft, $21.28, Computer Software; Minneapolis Marriott City Center, $787.44, Travel; Mork, Dianne , $153.72, Travel; Mr. Goodcents, $52.36, Non-Tech Supplies; Mulder, Angela , $223.36, Travel; Mutschelknaus, Amy , $92.40, Travel; My Place - Ft Pierre, $321.98, Travel; Norberg Paints Inc, $161.75, Non-Tech Supplies; Novak Sanitary Service, $271.24, Public Utilities; Office Depot, $45.81, Non-Tech Supplies; Outka, Janeen , $730.28, Travel; Picasso, Richard N , $2,250.00, Purchased Services; Pita Pit, $144.44, Non-Tech Supplies; Pizza Ranch, $147.14, Non-Tech Supplies; Praxis, $120.00, Dues; Qualified Presort Services, $145.75, Postage; Quality Quick Print, $17.95, Non-Tech Supplies; Quality Welding & Mfg, $35.00, Non-Tech Supplies; Ralston, Annlee , $201.18, Travel; Reisch, Karin , $39.48, Travel; Sanford Health Plan, $6.00, Benefits; Sioux Falls Utilities, $142.39, Public Utilities; Sisson Printing, Inc., $155.25, Printing & Binding; Staples, $8.31, Non-Tech Supplies; Sunshine Foods #1, $115.25, Non-Tech Supplies; Target, $25.64, Non-Tech Supplies; Tyler, Dianna , $579.76, Travel; Unknown Vendor, $120.00, Reg. Fees, $75.00, R&M, $124.47, Purchased Services, $181.94, Non-Tech Supplies, $199.00, $432.00, Non-Tech Equip, $56.00, Dues; Verizon Wireless, $181.56, Phone; Visitor Pass Solutions, $132.00, Non-Tech Supplies; Vistaprint, $73.46, Printing & Binding; Walmart Community, $18.72, Non-Tech Supplies, $2.49, Dues; Xcel Energy, $1,087.86, Public Utilities; Zoom Video Communications, $149.90, Purchased Services.
Motion by Nelson, second by Husman to approve the agreement authorizations as presented. Motion carried. Revenue agreements: To provide Title I Technical Advisor services to identified districts for the State of SD DOE, #36,000; to provide mentors for teachers participaiting the the Statewide Mentorship Program for the State of SD DOE, $7,463.00; To provide Academy and related services to Alcester-Hudson at a rate of $100 per day.
Motion by Husman, second by Nelson to adjourn the meeting at 5:15 p.m.  Motion carried.
Approved this 30th day of November, 2018.                                          
Board President
Business Manager
Published once at the total approximate cost of $45.13.
(Dec. 5, 2018)


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