Letter to the Editor: Buy Brandon and help it grow

I know you have heard the slogan “Buy Brandon.” Why is that so important? Before you click on that button to send the Amazon shipment your way, consider if you can buy the same item in Brandon. Our local businesses donate to the Lions Club, they let your son or daughter set up a table to sell popcorn and cookies in their store, and they hire your teenager to deliver pizzas.  
Before you stop off at Aldi or HyVee before coming home from work in Sioux Falls, think if you can purchase the items you need locally. Money spent in Brandon generates sales tax dollars that go to fund our police force, build better roads, and improve our parks. By spending in Sioux Falls, you are just giving them the sales tax dollars so they can improve their city. 
Also, please purchase your services here – doctors, dentists, banks, garbage service, mechanics, realtors, and many others are right here in town and are your neighbors. They are the ones that donate to the Food Pantry, coach your child’s soccer team, and sponsor an ad for the spring play. I don’t see Amazon, Wayfair or Walmart doing that in Brandon. 
So please remember our local businesses and support them as they support our community. Buy Brandon to help Brandon grow.  
Barb Fish


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