Letter to the editor: Bjorkman promises quality, affordable healthcare

I am a student that supports Tim Bjorkman, and here is why: One of my greatest passions lies in the field of health care; I am working toward a career in oncology. Healthcare embodies all of the values that are important to me, and to Tim Bjorkman as well.
Caring for others requires a great deal of passion, a desire to attack complicated problems, a refusal give up on people when they need help the most, and a relentlessly positive attitude. Tim Bjorkman’s belief that the healthcare system in the U.S. is broken is one step in the right direction, but his determination that there is a solution to the problem is one of the things that I like most about his mission. The lack of access to healthcare for the Native American population in South Dakota, as well as those earning a small income, is concerning, morally wrong and jeopardizes the robustness of the state of South Dakota, and Kristi Noem has little interest in changing that. In contrast, Tim Bjorkman is willing to work for healthcare for everyone.Tim’s ability to recognize this is extremely important to me as a voter and a future physician.
Tim Bjorkman’s opponent has proven time and time again that she has little concern for the state of Native American healthcare and the best interest of low-income families in South Dakota; instead, she has shown that her loyalty is to the Republican Party. I hope you would vote for the honest man that Tim Bjorkman is this November.
Jillian Stamp
Sioux Falls


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