Journal editorial: Shop small all year long

This Saturday is Shop Small Saturday. 
Always the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, Shop Small Saturday started in 2010, when many of the country’s small-business owners were struggling to regroup from the Great Recession. The event grew into a nationwide event two years later, with all 50 states participating.
Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Shop Small Saturday deserves some holiday love, too.
Although reasons to shop small have been touted many times before, it’s always good to remind ourselves why it’s important to patronize small businesses, but not only on this particular Saturday, but throughout the year, too. To really make a difference, we need to make this a year-round mantra.
The benefits of shopping small are enormous. When money is spent on local goods and services, a portion of the taxes return to the community. That helps keep our taxes under control, reducing the amount that has to come from property owners.
Small businesses also provide the bulk of the jobs in our area, and they are often starter sites for young people just stepping into the working world.
Small business owners are most likely to reinvest in the community in other ways. Many sponsor summer ball teams and participate in local fundraising efforts.
It’s been noted that when someone spends $100 at a local small business, $48 is recirculated in the local economy. However, if someone spends that same $100 at a big-box store in the region, only $14 is recirculated locally.
Local shops and service providers know their customers and want to make sure they leave happy. That’s something that small-business owners should always emphasize to their staffs. Friendly, helpful, person-to-person service is something box stores don’t usually provide.
While it’s fair to argue that most of the goods that can be found in national retail stores or online are available in this region, the local version may be geared even more toward our needs and tastes.
It only takes a little looking around to discover these gems in your community. Check out local newspaper ads or search online to find where you can shop locally.
People are purchasing gifts now for the holidays, so now is the perfect opportunity to show your commitment to small businesses.
You won’t have to pay shipping charges or wait for what you need. You can look it over, feel it, browse the choices — and when you find the perfect gift, take it right home with you.
 Shopping local gives our smaller businesses a chance to shine. And it’s public patronage that keeps them succeeding throughout the year.


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