Jill's Journal: Virtual reality

Jill Meier, Journal editor
I got in a bar fight over the Christmas holidays, and in the process, nearly took out my brother’s flat screen TV.
No, the bar wasn’t physically in my brother’s living room. It was there via virtual reality goggles that great-nephew Jonathan received as a Christmas gift.
All day long, the kids were testing out the goggles and by the end of our family gathering, this non-gamer great-aunt wanted to see just what had all of the kids wanting goggles of their own. (I overheard the requests to their moms and dads).
With no virtual reality experience to speak of, Jonathan lined me up with a short introduction session of the system. That’s where I learned – or so I thought – how to operate the remote hand-held devices that seemed to give me some sort of super power.
Enough of “reading the directions,” it was time to see what was happening at the “local” bar. So, with plans to wet my whistle, I strolled on through the swinging doors looking for an open space at the bar. Instead, I was greeted by one angry fella after another. This bar certainly wasn’t “Cheers.”
I had to defend myself, so, I swung. And I swung. And I swung. And with each swing, I was apparently taking a step.
As for each and every one of those angry guys that had a beef with me, not a one of them stood a chance. Let’s just say, my right hook will sneak up on you.
As I wandered around “the bar” looking for a friendly face, I continued to punch out the same angry-looking guys who were “stupid” enough to keep coming back for more. Quickly gaining a feeling of superiority, I found myself picking on fellas that were just minding their own business. I didn’t care. I was in full survival mode and this was MY bar. MY rules.
Well, that was until my brother “drug me” out of the place with just a few words: “Time to call it a night! You’re going to take out the TV.”


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