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Jill Meier, Journal editor
The No. 1 draft
Last month, I learned at the Chamber’s new member luncheon, that I was the No. 1 “player” drafted.
No, I won’t be putting on pads and a helmet in this game, but instead, I am wearing a big smile after learning I was the top choice in the Chamber’s ambassador team draft.
The Chamber’s ambassador draft sort of works like the fantasy football draft, where the four ambassador team captains take turns selecting members to their roster. The ambassador teams are asked to show up for things like new member luncheons, ribbon cuttings and mixers.
As the local newspaper editor, most times, it’s a sure bet that I’ll be attending these events, which is the obvious reason I was a “hot commodity” in the draft.
In my book, that’s quite an honor, considering I was never the No. 1 pick for kickball or softball during recess in my elementary school days. If they could only see me now ...
Here today, gone tomorrow
I have terrible luck when it comes to jewelry, more specifically, the pieces I really like.
Take for instance a ring I bought during a stop at St. Thomas while on a Caribbean cruise several years ago. For hours – just ask my friend – I scavenged the jewelry cases looking for that just right – or more so, what I could afford – topaz ring. After finally settling on one that featured a triangle-shaped stone, I wore the ring daily, so imagine my surprise when I found the stone missing from its setting.
I was devastated, and I knew it wouldn’t be an easy stone to replace. I sadly accepted the loss and put my stone-less ring in the jewelry box for possible melting, I guess.
Well, as the saying goes, “If you love something set it free. If it’s yours, it will come back to you.”
And that’s just what happened. 
As I was sorting out my laundry for the week, unbundling socks and checking pockets, imagine my surprise – and happiness – as I discovered the missing stone lining the bottom of a pocket in my jeans.
A few months back, I lost a delicate charm down the bathroom sink drain at my mom’s house.
I knew that one was a goner.
And recently, a medallion for a bracelet that I’d only worn twice, disappeared between church and shopping.
Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to sort the laundry. 


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