Jill's Journal: 'I thought' and 'assume'

Jill Meier, Journal editor
Ever thought you were right, but it turns out that you were wrong?
I have.
On multiple occasions.
And I suspect there will be multiple more occasions yet to come in this ol’ gal’s lifetime.
For instance, I was 100 percent, completely, absolutely, positively sure that I knew the name of the woman I had just snapped a photo of, so, of course, I didn’t take a moment to ask that I had her cor-rect name.
I was sure I knew. Or I guess I just assumed I knew.
As it turns out, I didn’t know. Sure, I had the right name, but the wrong woman.
You know what they say about assume … it only makes an “a_ _” out of “u” and “me.”
As I began to put my thoughts together for this column, I couldn’t help but remember a famed line a former boss of mine from my high school days as a restaurant cook shared with me - often. In be-tween flipping burgers, broasting buckets of chicken and buttering loaves of toast, there was always time for chatter. Dick, being the elder – and wiser – cook in the kitchen, oftentimes shared bits and pieces of wisdom with me. And many times, I savored those bits and pieces of wisdom Dick shared with me.
“I thought ….” I would start off, and before the third word even rolled off my tongue, Dick’s famed words, “Well you know what Thought thought …”
The first time he brought up Thought’s thought, I honestly had little to no idea – or could even as-sume – what Thought thought.
As it turns out, Thought thought he was on the toilet, but he was in still in bed.”
I assume it’s fair to say that I think Thought was in a real mess.
One last thing …
The Valley Springs American Legion is hosting a 75th anniversary commemoration of D-day at 6:30 p.m. this Thursday at the Legion Hall. A documentary on the events of D-day as seen from the perspective of those who were there will be shown. Refreshments and a discussion will follow.
The event is free and open to the public.


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