Jill's Journal: 'I came for the job and stayed because...'

Jill Meier, Journal editor
Everyone with a Brandon address has their own personal story that led them to choosing to make their life here.
Maybe you were born into it. 
Perhaps you married into it.
Minimal crime? Maybe. 
Many have shared they came for the school district. (If I had a buck for every time I’ve been told that over the years, it would be fair to say I’d have a good chunk of change stashed away for whatever rainy day need I deemed worthy – or a vacation.)
Others say Brandon’s suburb to the west – Sioux Falls – enticed them to be close to the big-city amenities, but yet want to raise their family in a town with a true community feel.
My path to Brandon – dating back to mid-year 2005 – was for a job.
Now, just shy of 15 years later, I’ve stayed because of the people and the small-town feel even though we’re grouped among South Dakota’s “big cities” and “big school districts.”
And when the job that brought me here came to a close, I knew immediately that I needed to find a way to create a new job in order to stay here. And in fact, I did that very thing along with creating an assortment of jobs in order to stay here.
In this week’s edition of the Journal, we’ve put the spotlight on residential development and building, which from the perspective of the people who develop neighborhoods and build homes here, is alive and well, and remains on a steady pace. 
It would be fair to say that no matter which direction you look in Brandon, dirt is likely turning. The once empty landscape, now dotted by new homes, is exciting to see. Whether we like it or not, we are a community on the grow, and with our proximity to Sioux Falls, Interstate 90 and Highway 11, our growth will continue to be anything but stagnant.
I think it’s exciting to gain new housing developments and new businesses here. It’s all part of “growing up,” if you will. And it’s a compliment to the people who already live here, to the city staff and leaders, to our school district teachers, auxiliary staff and administrators, and already-established businesses that they believe in our community’s positive progress. 
Sure, we have growing pains. Most communities on the rise do. But with proper planning, the willingness to “Buy Brandon” and a can-do attitude from us all, I’m confident we can overcome these “growing pains.” 
Just shy of 15 years ago, I came to Brandon for the job. But I made the decision to stay because of all of you. And I’m glad I did. 



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