Jill's Journal: Good deals are hard to pass up

Jill Meier, Journal editor
When a good friend of mine announced she would be moving to Las Vegas sometime this fall, I was obviously sad and surprisingly happy all at the same time. My sadness, of course, was that she’ll now be hundreds of miles away. My happiness is that I’ll have somewhere to bunk whenever I make the treks to “Sin City.”
Because she’s downsizing from a three-bedroom townhome to a two-bedroom townhome, she’s forced to part ways with a variety of furniture, home decor and many other items that have been tucked away in closets.
Over the past few months, my cell phone has “tinged” more times than usual with messages that have typically begun with: “Would you be interested in ... or have a need for ... ?”
So far, I’ve brought home a sewing machine - brand new, never out of the box – an oak rocking chair, two end tables, a flat screen TV, a mirror and matching table, a steamer, a plant, a clock, a floor lamp, a coffee pot and a handful of other miscellaneous items.
As my two-bedroom abode begins to fill up with the new decor, furniture and trinkets, I’ve come to the conclusion that her move may constitute the need for me to move.
Sure, I could’ve lived without every single one of the items I’ve taken possession of. But this ol’ gal loves a good deal, and she’s tossed me many over the last several weeks.
Many of the items have found a place in my home and a few of the items have taken up residency at the Journal office.
As for the sewing machine, I must confess that it’s still in the box - brand new and still yet to be christened. It’s presently collecting dust on a corner of my dining room table. And while I likely won’t embark on a 4-H sewing project anytime soon, I’ve come to the conclusion that a good deal sometimes makes for cramped quarters. 


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