Inside City Hall: City has snow removal plans in place

Rollie Hoeke, public works superintendent
It’s that time of year again. Some people love the winter season and some don’t. Either way, the city street department is ready to take care of whatever Mother Nature deals to us. The street department has added another snow plow truck to their fleet this year. This should help speed up the process a little bit, but with over 85 lane miles of roads to treat, we ask that you be patient. If there is a major storm event, the city also brings in a local snow removal contractor to help get through the event as quickly as possible.
Each of the city snow plows has a designated area of town to cover. First, they will cover the “primary” streets through town. The primary streets are Aspen, Holly, Splitrock, Redwood, Sioux and Chestnut boulevards. These streets will be plowed and treated before the plows will move into their designated areas. Once each of the areas has been plowed, the crew will go through their areas to apply salt to the streets.
If we receive three inches or more of snow, the city will issue a snow alert for the town. This information is sent out to the local television stations and some radio stations. The city also sends out text messages to people who are signed up for the notifications through Textedly. You must sign up to receive these text notifications. The information on how to sign up for text notifications can be found on the City of Brandon website,
Snow plow drivers do their best to clean the snow on the street from curb to curb. Sometimes the plow may jump a curb and damage your yard or mailbox. If you happen to receive damage to your yard or mailbox, please contact City Hall and give them your name, address and type of damage that occurred. The street department crews and/or contractor will repair any yard damage in the spring when weather permits. If your mailbox happens to be damaged, the City will reimburse the property owner to repair or replace the mailbox up to a set amount.  
In conclusion, we ask for your patience and understanding as the crews clean and treat the city streets. Remember not to park on city streets when a snow alert has been issued or you could possibly be issued a ticket by the Brandon Police Department.
Have a great and safe winter.


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