The Drop serves up healthy shakes, teas

Jamie Hult, Staff writer
Kaleb and Haley Lindsey-Stevens are the owners of The Drop Nutrition, opening in Brandon in late September. Jamie Hult/BV Journal

Whether your nutrition goals are to feel more energized every day, lose weight or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, a new smoothie and tea bar coming to Brandon promises to help. 
The Drop Nutrition is a nutrition club without the membership. Kaleb and Haley Lindsey-Stevens, who currently manage Mission Nutrition in Sioux Falls, are opening The Drop two doors down from the Brandon Steakhouse. 
Unlike most coffee shops and juice bars, every order at The Drop is a package of three drinks, which starts at $8.
“Think of when you go to a restaurant, you get your entrée, and then you get your sides,” Haley explained.  
“It’s literally like healthy fast food,” Kaleb added.
A vitamin-packed meal replacement shake is the main entrée, which customers consume after they’ve had their two sides: an energizing tea – called a Lifted Tea – and a self-serve shot of aloe to aid with digestion. 
Walking in and seeing the menu for the first time, the couple admits, can be overwhelming, but they’re more than happy to walk customers through it. 
“We focus more on the education, as far as what these products can do for you, as opposed to ‘Hey, here’s what we have,’” Kaleb said. “We have something that can benefit everybody.”
The menu features more than 20 tea flavors and 36 shake flavors, with endless options of healthy add-ins like protein, fiber, probiotics, collagen and electrolytes. 
“Some people come in and add the probiotic and add the fiber because they know they need it, and it’s lacking it other areas,” Haley explained.
“Your price point will go up, but you’re also increasing the benefit of that shake that you’re getting,” Kaleb added. 
And it’s just fine to drop in The Drop Nutrition hungry, because the shakes are actually meal replacement smoothies.
Each has 24 grams of protein, less than 210 calories, and all the vitamins and minerals, Haley said, that a person needs in a healthy meal. They can even drop a protein bar into the shake so it’s more like a Dairy Queen Blizzard – or “blizzart,” The Drop’s version.
They’ve got the coffee lovers covered, too, with a coffee-flavored shake that comes with 85 milligrams of caffeine.
“This is a full meal replacement, but it looks like I’m drinking iced coffee,” Haley said.
Prior to the shake, customers choose a self-serve shot of aloe in one of three flavors – mango, mandarin or cranberry – to improve digestion. 
“Healthiest shot you’ll ever take,” Haley assures. 
Another unique aspect of the The Drop is that all of the drinks are made from one product line, Herbalife Nutrition, a global developer and distributor of dietary supplements, weight management, sports nutrition and personal care products.
“What’s really cool is we’re not just back here mixing things we think people need,” Haley said. “This is all Herbalife – doctors and scientists who have backed these products, and we’re able to introduce them to people through the nutrition club.”
And while The Drop is considered a nutrition club, “there’s no monthly fee,” Kaleb explained. “There’s no you have to come in every day.”
The couple are passionate about Herbalife products and bringing them to Brandon.  
Not only could this community benefit from a nutrition club, they said, but the projected opening later this month will be a homecoming of sorts for Haley, who grew up attending Brandon Valley schools and competing in track and cross country as Haley Kruger. 
Choosing Brandon to open The Drop Nutrition was a no-brainer.
“Haley wants to have a huge impact in her hometown community,” Kaleb said. “Fundraisers, giving back to the community, plugging the community – that’s the bigger goal of what we want to accomplish here. Obviously, the nutritional backing comes with that.”
The couple, who married in January, moved back to the area from Mankato, Minn., where they’ve been running Mission Nutrition in Sioux Falls and looking for a space in Brandon to open a sister store.
The Drop Nutrition also offers free, one-on-one wellness consultations and 50 percent off orders to first-time customers when they open at 1302 E. Rushmore Drive later this month. 
“Our goal is to be open by the Pigskin Classic,” Haley said.
Store hours will be 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and limited hours on Saturdays.
They’re also offering free upgrades on the subsequent four visits to allow customers “to essentially experience the entire menu,” Kaleb said. 
“Realistically, to make sure it’s something you do like and do enjoy, versus, hey, your ticket price is suddenly going up, and you don’t even know what you’re getting. It’s a way to expand people’s horizons in terms of what the Herbalife world looks like.”
About The Drop Nutrition
Address: 1302 E. Rushmore Dr., Brandon
Phone: 605-759-1398
Hours: 7-1 Mon. & Wed., 7-2 Tues.,Thur. & Friday
Owners: Kaleb and Haley Lindsey-Stevens


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