Council OKs temporary tree waste site

Jill Meier, Journal editor
A tree waste site is coming to Brandon – next year.
For years, residents have expressed the desire for a tree waste site, and until now, no action had been taken. But in recent weeks, Brandon City Council has warmed up to the idea, which was pushed forward knowing the city will be taking down diseased ash trees in the boulevards starting next month.
City staff identified and presented five potential sites for the tree waste site to the council on Sept. 8. They are the Blachowske site, the Doppenberg/Oakridge site, the Graff site, Sioux Valley Energy site, and the waste plant site, which is where the city’s wastewater ponds were located.
The latter property – the waste plant on North Sioux Boulevard – is where city workers will haul ash trees that will be removed this year.
“We don’t want to open this to general public until next year,” city administrator Bryan Read said. 
City staff presented the pros and cons for each of the potential tree waste sites
The Blachowske site, a 15-acre tract of land, is located on North Sioux Boulevard, and has a $565,040 price tag. Included in that cost is the land purchase, fencing and gate costs, a shed/office, staffing costs and chipping (twice per year).
The pro of the property is that is sits in an industrial area out of main view from the public. The land purchase and fencing needs were recognized as its cons.
The five-acre Doppenberg/Oakridge site would require land to be purchased, fencing and gate, a shed/office, staffing and chipping (twice per year) costs. In all total, the cost of this site is estimated at $171,040.
The land purchase and fencing needs were cited as its cons, and its pro is the land is outside of the city limits and public view.
The Graff site would also require the city to purchase seven acres of land, fencing and gate needs, shed/office, staffing and chipping (twice a year). The estimated cost for this location is $309,040. Again, the pro noted is the site is outside of the city limits, and the cons are the land purchase and fencing needs.
The Sioux Valley Energy site would entail the purchase of seven acres of land, fencing and gate needs, shed/office, staffing needs and chipping (twice-a-year). The estimated cost for this site is $277,040.
Again, the site would be located outside of the city limits, but would require the land purchase and fencing. A third con is that it is a relatively small area.
The waste plant site is the least costly of all five sites at $17,840, as no land purchase or fencing/gate would be required. The costs are contributed to a shed/office, staffing and chipping (twice per year).
Along with no land and fencing costs, another pro is the site is located on the outskirts of town and is not highly visible to residents.
A significant con is that once construction begins on the public works building, the site would need to be moved north or south and then would not be more than 1,000 feet away from residential dwellings.
City councilor Dana Clark favored the idea. “I think it’s an easy thing to offer the residents,” she said. “I think it’s a minimal effort for us and would mean a lot to some of our residents.”
Public works director Rollie Hoeke stressed that the tree waste site would be intended for trees only. He also encouraged that the site be staffed, which the council majority voiced their support for.


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