City now likely to alternate core area, Rushmore projects

Jamie Hult, Staff writer

The city of Brandon is planning to take a break from core area reconstruction in 2021 and focus instead on revamping the water, sewer, storm sewer and curbs of Rushmore Drive.

Preliminary plans are for the core project to take place in multiple phases in an every-other-year fashion, with design being done in the in-between years, explained city engineer Tami Jansma.

A phasing diagram on the city’s website details the process, which the city is “finalizing,” Jansma said, for the annual budget talks in September. 

“As of right now, city staff is going to recommend that,” she said. “It will also give us more time to educate everyone in that area on what’s going to go on and the schedules of how contractors work and temporary easements – that sort of thing.”

This year’s phase one, which includes Cardinal Drive, Robin Drive and Main Avenue, started this past spring. Next year will include some construction “clean-up,” Jansma said, along with the design of phase two. Then, phase two of the multi-million dollar project – one of the most extensive street reconstructions city leaders have seen to date – will pick back up in 2022.

The city’s website also features a diagram of the proposed Rushmore Area Project for 2021 – “a continuation from Sylvan Circle,” Jansma said. “So we’re still going to have a major street reconstruction project every year. We’re just not going to double up on them.”

The Rushmore Area Project will consist of four phases.

Homeowners in phase one of the core area are encouraged to move their sprinklers, she added, and be advised that seeding will start when it cools off, likely in August.

Both projects will be solidified with price estimations by the Brandon City Council in September. Tmelines are subject to change due to budget constraints and council decisions. 


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