Brandon police call off high-speed chase

Staff report
A high-speed chase down Splitrock Boulevard Jan. 3 was called off by Brandon police after a suspect in a stolen vehicle went through the Holly Boulevard intersection at 80 miles per hour.
According to Brandon Police Chief Dave Kull, police staked out North Splitrock Boulevard late Thursday morning after learning from county authorities that a juvenile in a stolen truck was last seen on Hwy. 11 north of Garretson, traveling southbound toward Brandon.
The suspect reportedly stole the truck in Dell Rapids, where it was parked on a residential street with the keys in the ignition. The suspect then went to the home of a relative and pointed a shotgun at the relative, Kull said.
Brandon police attempted to apprehend the juvenile when he pulled into the Holiday Inn parking lot shortly before 12 p.m.
“When he started pulling out, and it was obvious he was not going to stick around, I drove my truck ahead and again attempted to make contact,” Kull said.
Kull pushed the front bumper of his police truck against the suspect in the stolen vehicle, who then fled the parking lot.
Wendy Shell witnessed the suspect giving chase with police in pursuit.
“They whipped out of there like there was no tomorrow,” she said.
Police ceased pursuit when the suspect neared Brandon Valley High School, traveling south on Splitrock Boulevard at 80 miles per hour.
“Catching him, we determined, wasn’t worth the risk,” Kull said. “We know who he is, and he hasn’t been found.”
As of Friday morning, the juvenile suspect had not been arrested. He faces charges of aggravated assault, aggravated eluding and vehicle theft in Minnehaha County.
“It doesn’t matter if you live in Dell Rapids or Garretson or Brandon,” Kull said. “We live in smaller communities, but it’s never a wise idea to leave a vehicle unlocked or with keys in the car.”



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