The Absent Uncle: Get vaccinated.

D.C. Schultz, Guest Columnist

Medical science. What a dichotomy of a term that is. Especially if you are the patient or the patient’s loved one. 

We want certainty with our medicine. This procedure, that medicine makes it all better. All is going to be good. Predictable. 

Unfortunately, it is not always a certainty. That is where science comes in. It evolves, it takes in the experiences of those that came before, the research being performed, and any testing that is underway. 

Just think – years ago (and not that many) – medical science was not a term used with any amount of hopefulness. Science was what you pinned your dreams on, not something to be counted on. 

But today, especially in light of the vaccines developed for COVID in record time, science is something that can promise hope and relief for all of us. 

The COVID vaccine was a result of exhaustive study on vaccine manufacture well before the need arose. The vaccine vehicle was already developed, scientists just had to figure out how to attach the antibodies that attacked the COVID virus. This process will continue as the virus mutates.

How to develop a vaccine and be able to use this vehicle to immunize our population is astounding in such a short time. And we can thank science.

Get vaccinated!

D.C. Schultz is the uncle of Journal editor Jill Meier.


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