4-H Lynx Club plans community service endeavors, celebrates achievements

Members from the 4-H Lynx Club who took in the Minnehaha County 4-H Recognition Event are, from left, row one: Austin Panning, Titus Wollman, Jack Tinker, Mandy Panning, Jacob Frost, Jasmine Hinerks and Sawyer Hinderks; row two: Julia Tinker, Hannah Frost, Nolan Eck, Keturah Wollman, Tenley Eck, Emily Panning and Grace Panning. Submitted photo

The November meeting of the 4-H Lynx Club was held Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018 at 3 p.m. at the Nordstrom-Johnson Building at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds. The meeting was called to order by President Hannah Frost.
Roll call topic was favorite candy.
Secretary Tenley Eck read the previous meeting minutes. Motion to approve the previous minutes was made by Jacob Frost, seconded by Sawyer Hinderks. Motion approved
Treasurer Julia Tinker reported a balance of $1,395.52.
Old Business
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes: The entire club has done an excellent job bringing items. Due to the volume of items donated, there should be three to four boxes filled up. Motion was made for club to pay for additional shipping charges for shoe boxes. Motion made by Julia Tinker, seconded by Keturah Wollman. Motion approved.
New Business
The Christmas party will be Dec. 2 at 1 p.m. and hosted by the Tinker family. There will be a short meeting followed by a potluck. There will be a family gift exchange and gift are not to exceed $25 in value. Members should also bring a “white elephant gift” for the children; bring a gift from home worth $5. Tinker’s are planning the games.
Community Service Project: Community service committee member Michael Wollman recommended making Christmas cards for Veterans at the next meeting. The Wollman family will bring blank cards, stamps and ink pads. The Tinker family will also be bringing supplies. Club members are encouraged to bring additional supplies as well.
Announcements: Congratulation to all the winners at the Minnehaha County 4-H Recognition Event; check newsletter for updates; and remember to re-enroll on 4-H Online
Motion to adjourn by Tenley Eck, seconded by Emily Panning.
4-H Lynx winners from the 2018 Minnehaha County 4-H Recognition Event 
Cloverbuds: Brennen Hendrickson, Faith Hendrickson, Jasmine Hinderks, Mandy Panning, Jack Tinker and Titus Wollman.
Project Pins
Keturah Wollman – Home Environment; Horticulture, Gardening & Landscaping; Visual Arts
Michael Wollman – Hobbies & Collections, Home Environment, Poultry & Eggs, Visual Arts.
Year One Beginner Award: Jacob Frost
Third Year Achievement Award: Julia Tinker (tied with Maiya Fredrickson); Michael Wollman
Senior Diversity Award: Grace Panning
Sioux Valley Energy Electric Award: Jacob Frost
Best of Show – Foods & Nutrition: Julia Tinker
Top Showmanship: Poultry – Junior: Keturah Wollman; Beginner: Julia Tinker
Rabbit – Beginner: Julia Tinker
Special Foods Contest – Jacob Frost: Beginner 1st; Hannah Frost: Senior (tied for 1st)
Fashion Revue 
Constructed outfit beginner – Julia Tinker: 1st, Michael Wollman: 2nd; Constructed outfit junior – Keturah Wollman: 1st & 2nd; Selected outfit beginner – Julia Tinker: 1st, Michael Wollman: 2nd (tied), Nevaeh Wollman: 2nd (tied); Selected outfit junior – Tenley Eck: 1st, Keturah Wollman: 2nd; Selected outfit senior – Hannah Frost: 2nd. 
Best Clothing Record – Tenley Eck: Junior, Kelsey Frost: Senior; 
Best Public Presentations – Julia Tinker: Beginner 2nd, Kelsey Frost: Senior 1st, Hannah Frost: Senior 2nd.
Spirit of 4-H Award – Kelsey Frost: Senior.
Top Fruit Sales – Individual: Julia Tinker, 2nd
Grand Champions: Keturah Wollman - Poultry: Grand Champion Game Bird, Reserve Champion Game Bird, Grand Champion Cockerel; Julia Tinker - Poultry: Grand Champion Pullet, Reserve Champion Pullet; Rabbit - Grand Champion Rabbit
Sweepstakes Awards: Tenley Eck - 2nd Junior Clothing & Textiles, 2nd Junior Foods & Nutrition, 2nd Junior Visual Arts; Julia Tinker - 1st beginner Earth Science, 1st Beginner Livestock; Hannah Frost - 1st Senior Photography/Videography (tied with Kelsey Frost); 2nd Senior Foods & Nutrition. Kelsey Frost - 1st Senior Child Development & Home Environment, 1st Senior Foods & Nutrition, 1st Senior Photography/Videography (Tied with Hannah Frost); Keturah Wollman -  1st Junior Child Development & Home Environment, 1st Junior Clothing & Textiles, 1st Junior Foods & Nutrition, 1st Junior Livestock, 1st Junior Visual Arts, 2nd Junior Photography/Videography;
Michael Wollman - 1st Beginner Child Development & Home Environment, 1st Beginner Foods & Nutrition, 1st Beginner Photography/Videography, 1st Beginner Visual Arts, 2nd Beginner Clothing & Textiles, 2nd Beginner Lifetime, 2nd Beginner Livestock; Nevaeh Wollman - 1st Beginner Clothing & Textiles, 2nd Beginner Child Development & Home Environment, 2nd Beginner Foods & Nutrition, 2nd Beginner Photography/Videography, 2nd Beginner Visual Arts.
State Fair Accomplishments
Hanna Frost - Senior Consumer Decision Making Judging- 4th place; Julia Tinker - Beginner Rabbit Showmanship - 1st place, Reserve Champion Rabbit Best of breed - Any other 4 Class Purebred Senior Doe, Reserve Champion Rabbit Best of Breed- Havana Senior Doe, Beginner Fashion Revue - 3rd place, Beginner Poultry Judging- 3rd place, Beginner Poultry Showmanship - 5th place. 



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